$68 Louis Vuitton Condom

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Published on December 17, 2011 with 2 Comments">2 Comments

Fashion has come to Condoms once again.  First Chanel and then Prada, now there’s the Louis Vuitton condom.  The LV monogram covered condom was designed by an architect by the name of Irakli Kiziria, who is not affiliated with the company in any way.  The condom was originally designed to be launched on World Aids Day. The condoms are said to be priced at $68 each, which makes it one of the most expensive condoms one can buy.(Louis Vuitton Condom).

I understand everyone wants to be safe but $68…..WOW that’s a bit extreme.  Well ladies how do you feel about these.  What would you say if your man had a pack of these?

  • Coco

    I would choke my boyfriend if he came home with a LV condom!!!

  • XJen2000

    Who are buying these?  Like there really has to be something wrong with your self esteem if you feel like you have to show up with a LV condom for $68.  Nigga you can buy me a pair of shoes with that money, I’ll bring the condoms.

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