Dr. Dre brings Tupac back to life

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As most of the first world knows, Tupac made an appearance as headlining Coachella last weekend. Along with that, most people know that he died in 1994, making a real life appearance impossible, unless a resurrection occurred. Aside from some opinions by Coachella goers not exactly in the right… or sober mind set, no resurrection happened. Thanks to Dr. Dre’s vision and some crazy technology, an idea and $400,000 later Tupac came to life. A hologram was made that was extremely life like and they had him “perform” some old hits with an appearance just as he had before he died, in great detail. He had guest appearances such as Snoop Dogg on stage with him, which personally made things sort of creepy. If I were Snoop, I’m not too sure I’d want to hang out with an old friend who’s no longer with us as if he’s real and alive next to me. There are a lot of opinions on the hologram performance, some good and definitely some bad. I think technology is moving extremely fast for what we are ready to handle but it definitely brought something new and exciting to the show. The weirdest part is that they had him first say “What’s Up, Coachella” before he started to perform, something that must have been digitally made using his voice. His biggest fans and oldest friends had a very positive reaction, especially his mother who was thrilled about seeing her son again on stage. I happen to think it went a little too far for my comfort level, but those who saw it in person might have a different opinion.

Watch The Full Video of his Performance Here

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